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Rainbow 100% Alpaca Handwoven Alpaca Scarf

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100% Baby alpaca, handwoven alpaca scarf which is very soft and colorful, without being too loud.

 A portion of the sales of the Handwoven Rainbow Alpaca Scarf helps Peruvian Children's Quechua Benefit.

Thanks to Dr. Mario Padrosa and Mike Safely for this information on the Quechua Benefit:

Quechua Benefit is a non-profit charity registered in both the United States and Peru. Our mission is to help the people, and more specifically the children of Peru, live better lives. The poverty, malnutrition, social problems, and lack of education and medical aid are heart breaking. In 1986 Don Julio Barreda asked Mario Pedroza and Mike Safley if they could help the children of Macusani and Quechua Benefit was born.

Quechua Benefit is incorporated as a 501(3) C corporation that is recognized as a tax advantage charitable organization (31-1682324) by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Quechua Benefit is also registered as a tax free charitable association in Peru by Superintendencia Nacional de Administración Tributaria (SUNAT). The members of the Board of Directors of Quechua Benefit are Dr. Mario Pedroza, Michael Safley, and Russell Grattan. Current financial statements are maintained on the corporation's website, .

Click here to see an impressive set of images from the Quechua Benefit effort:

Measures: 9" x 60", plus fringe
Materials: 100% alpaca