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Newborn Alpaca Print By Denise ("Dee") VachonMiller

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‘Newborn' is a watercolor of a new alpaca.

This 8x10" print comes in a matted frame (11x14") in cream.

Each of Dee's prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity and limited print count.

 Denise ("Dee") VachonMiller grew up doodling and painting. Her father enrolled her in the Art Instruction Schools correspondence course when she was an early teen. After moving out on her own at 17 yrs old, she took art classes at the University of Oregon. The requirements for grants changed after her 2nd term and she decided to put college off and enlist in the Oregon Army National Guard. They trained for her for computer operations and life went sideways.

Dee was married at 24yrs old and started a family, leaving little time to do much with her art. As she was able to, she gave most of her paintings as presents to friends and family. When Dee was 34, she became a single parent with 4 daughters to support. Her time was taken with schooling to try to increase her income within the computer industry. This has served it’s purpose and her daughters are now starting to venture out on their own. Now with a new marriage and new outlook on life she is ready to immerse herself in her art. She loves to create – and does so with pen and ink, watercolor and paintings of oil and acrylic. She loves color and has a difficult time leaving walls blank. She would love to start doing wall paintings. What a great canvas! A wall has so many possibilities!